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Top Health Promoting Herbs that Can be Grown at Home

It is advisable to eat fresh food as it is right for your health. You should avoid that is packed in boxes with expiration dates. This is because it is processed and it has little value as far as nutritional content is concerned. Fresh, whole food is the best for your health. It helps improve energy levels, disease prevention, heart disease, diabetes, and weight management. These are some conditions that affect millions of people across the world.

growing herbsPlant foods are known to be good sources of useful nutrients. In fact, herbs provide a lot of health benefits and have a low calorie flavor to a wide range of dishes. Herbs can be used medicinally and to treat minor injuries and remedies. If you have a plot of land or a few containers, you can grow a lot of herbs. In this way, you can have a great addition to a healthy diet and even improve your overall health.

Herbs are easy to grow and are quite dense in nutrients. It is advisable to grow Chinese traditional herbs to stay healthy. This is made possible with the several phytochemicals that they contain. The following are some healthy herbs that can be grown at home:


This is a purple coneflower that grows 1-2 feet in the garden or even around the house. The herb was used in the ancient cultures as a means of reducing a wide range of viral infections like flu or cold. Moreover, it is available at the health stores and various pharmacies in tincture or pill form.


This is an annual herb that is ideal for container gardens. You just need to harvest the stems and leaves of the herb. In fact, it has a wide range of dishes and you can make pesto sauce with it. The pest sauce can be made with garlic and basil. You should try to use the fresh leaves as possible.


lavenderIt is easy to incorporate this herb into the flower garden since it has lovely purple flowers. It is an essential oil for aromatherapy purposes. It is quite calming and relaxing to smell lavender. Moreover, it has excellent pain relief properties. It can also act as an antiseptic when it is applied to the affected areas of your skin.

The good thing about the above herbs is that they make your garden beautiful and supply the much-needed nutrients to your diet. They are also easy to grow and maintain.