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Five Health Benefits of Beer That May Not Know Before

Beer gets a bad reputation because it is often misused for drunkenness. In fact, if taken a little or in moderate levels, beer has many health benefits. Choose non-alcoholic beer if you can’t consume alcohol. You can get caught in a state of being drunk due to excessive alcohol consumption.

Improving Brain’s Health

Through research on 3,660 participants, it was found that people who drank beer less than once a week would be at higher risk of stroke than those who like to drink beer. The researchers concluded this happened because alcohol can thin the blood, thus preventing clumping.

However, drinking too much beer will also cause brain atrophy (reduced brain volume or ability). Besides, drink beer that is rich in nutrients, such as those containing protein, vitamin B, iron, riboflavin, and magnesium.

Reducing the Chances for Alzheimer

Researchers at Loyola University in Chicago Stritch School of Medicine analyzed several studies and concluded that beer drinkers were 23% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. The silicon content in beer will prevent various forms of dementia and cognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s. The content of silicone in beer is thought to protect the brain from the harmful effects of high levels of aluminum in the body, which is one of the possible causes of Alzheimer’s.

Improving Immune System

People who don’t drink beer will be three times more likely to suffer from flu, according to the results of a study from the Common Cold Unit in Salisbury. Why? Drinking beer at a certain level increases the body’s immune system and helps fight infection, according to a study from Oregon Health and Science University.

Researchers don’t know the reason behind the condition is less risk of flu for people who drink beer. However, it is suspected that there are benefits of antioxidants in wheat as a brewing ingredient that protects cells from damage.

Nourishing the Body

Most beer varieties contain several types of B vitamins, rich in calcium, magnesium, and selenium. Black beer contains free iron from 121 ppb compared to white beer containing 92 ppb and 63 ppb non-alcoholic beer, according to the results of a study in Spain.

Iron carries oxygen from the lungs to other muscles and organs. Thus, when your iron intake is low, oxygen circulates more slowly and can make you feel tired, lethargic, and irritable.

Strengthening Bone’s Structure

Women who drink at least two beers a day have stronger bones, according to the results of an analysis from a study published in the Natural Medicine Journal. Beer is an excellent source of bioavailable silicon, a fundamental element for bone building and skeletal structure.

As many as 64 percents of silicone found in alcohol-free beer, can be absorbed by the body. Meanwhile, only four percent of the same compounds in bananas can be absorbed by the body.

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Top Health Promoting Herbs that Can be Grown at Home

It is advisable to eat fresh food as it is right for your health. You should avoid that is packed in boxes with expiration dates. This is because it is processed and it has little value as far as nutritional content is concerned. Fresh, whole food is the best for your health. It helps improve energy levels, disease prevention, heart disease, diabetes, and weight management. These are some conditions that affect millions of people across the world.

growing herbsPlant foods are known to be good sources of useful nutrients. In fact, herbs provide a lot of health benefits and have a low calorie flavor to a wide range of dishes. Herbs can be used medicinally and to treat minor injuries and remedies. If you have a plot of land or a few containers, you can grow a lot of herbs. In this way, you can have a great addition to a healthy diet and even improve your overall health.

Herbs are easy to grow and are quite dense in nutrients. It is advisable to grow Chinese traditional herbs to stay healthy. This is made possible with the several phytochemicals that they contain. The following are some healthy herbs that can be grown at home:


This is a purple coneflower that grows 1-2 feet in the garden or even around the house. The herb was used in the ancient cultures as a means of reducing a wide range of viral infections like flu or cold. Moreover, it is available at the health stores and various pharmacies in tincture or pill form.


This is an annual herb that is ideal for container gardens. You just need to harvest the stems and leaves of the herb. In fact, it has a wide range of dishes and you can make pesto sauce with it. The pest sauce can be made with garlic and basil. You should try to use the fresh leaves as possible.


lavenderIt is easy to incorporate this herb into the flower garden since it has lovely purple flowers. It is an essential oil for aromatherapy purposes. It is quite calming and relaxing to smell lavender. Moreover, it has excellent pain relief properties. It can also act as an antiseptic when it is applied to the affected areas of your skin.

The good thing about the above herbs is that they make your garden beautiful and supply the much-needed nutrients to your diet. They are also easy to grow and maintain.

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Simple Ways to Treat Under-Eye Bags

With countless products in the market which promise a lot, most do not achieve the results they advertise. Several fake de-puff and lightening products are applied under the eyes. You can achieve better results by simply drinking lots of cold water and applying a cold towel or compress.

To get rid of this problem, in the long run, is to adapt to some lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes are highly recommended if the dark circles and eye bags are genetically inherited. Other common causes of eye bags are eczema, sun exposure, allergies, pigmentation issues, aging and many others. Here are a few tips on how best to get rid of the eye bags under your eyes.

Tea Bags

Tea has many healing properties apart from the refreshing feeling it delivers when you take a sip every morning. Placing caffeinated tea bags right under the eyes to get rid of the bags or dark circles. This healing property is directly attributed to the powerful antioxidants in the tea that increase the flow of blood to the skin. The antioxidant capability protects the eye from UV rays slowing the aging process. Researchers highly rate green tea for its anti-inflammatory effects.

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A Cold Compress

You will get rid of the pricey creams once you discover how simple the eye bags can be eradicated with a cold compress. A cold compress can be assembled with materials within the home. Applying something cold to the affected area forces the blood vessels to constrict offering a reprieve. Some items that might make a cold compress are cool cucumber, chilled teaspoon, wet cloth, or a frozen bag of veggies. It’s best if you apply the compress around a soft cloth to present direct contact with the ski which might be too frosty.

Use a Neti Pot to Clear out Sinuses

Some are of the opinion that neti pots assist when removing the under-eye bags or dark circles. The neti pot can be described as a device filled with a saltwater solution. All one has to do is place your spout under your nose and irrigate the sinus, removing mucus and other debris. Neti pots are available in most drug stores as well as over the internet. When using this approach at home, use distilled water when creating your salt solution. Boiled tap water cooled to a safe temperature works equally good.

Remain Hydrated

Water comprises 60 percent of the human body weight. Given this, dehydration can contribute to bags under your eyes. Upping the amount of water taken can help remedy this situation. Experts recommend that mean should consume 13 cups of fluids a day, while women 9. It does not have to be water as all fluids contribute to this intake. Sparkling water, flavored water or water mixed with fruit works just fine. Cold or hot decaffeinated tea is another great pick.

An Antihistamine

Allergies can result in dark circles under the eyes. One might experience watery or itchy red eyes. The body immune system triggers this reaction. Some medications that remedy this situation are Benadryl, Claritin or Zyrtec, which are over-the-counter drugs.



Always remember that most cases of eye swelling or discoloration are not serious. This means they should respond positively to home treatment. If this is not the case, it is advisable to seek medical attention.

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Buying Guide for Hair care Products

Hair care is an important health and beauty procedure for both men and women. It is particularly essential for the overall beauty of a woman. That is why the demand for hair care products is ever high. The number of hair care products is overwhelmingly huge and you may never know which products to trust. Here, I will give you some guidelines that may be of great help.

Buying Guide for Hair Care Products

When you are buying hair care products, consider your hair type. Different hair care products are suitable for different hair types. For example, there are the best shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair. There are also different oils for different types of hair. There are also different hair care products for short hair and long hair. Don’t forget also that hair care is not for women alone. There are various hair care products that are specifically designed for men. For this reason, it is advisable to buy the hair care products that are suitable for your specific hair type. Here are other factors to consider.

Don’t buy Hair Care Products Anywhere

The hair care industry is a multi-billion industry attracting traders from all walks of life. There are unscrupulous traders who deal in scams, and they are scattered all over. For this reason, always buy hair care products from specialized hair care stores. On top of dealing with high-quality products, these stores will have everything you need for your hair such as shampoos, conditioners, and hair styling products, among others.
The wide variety of products available in these stores makes it possible for you to buy everything you want under one roof. You will also realize that these stores sell their products are reasonable prices.

Avoid Dubious Products

Even when buying hair care products from your trusted stores, you must be careful. This is one industry that is full of new entrants. Apart from scams, new genuine hair products are produced every day. Some of these will be good for your hair and others will not. The problem is that you will not know which one works and which one does not. You can’t dare buy a hair care product that you are not sure of.

Actually, you should insist on the trusted brands, however expensive or monotonous they may be. Some hair care products will harm rather than protect your hair. We have seen people going bald because of using fake hair products or genuine hair products that didn’t work for their type of hair. Sometimes, it is good to get the opinion of a professional hair stylist.

Shop for Hair Care Products online

paying onlineThere are several hair care stores online. You don’t have to walk around looking for hair care shops. Just look for hair care shops online, and you will get everything you are looking for. On top of making shopping easy and fun, online hair care shops will give you the opportunity to compare prices and choose the most pocket-friendly option. Some of them will also provide free shipping depending on where you are.

Tips on how to choose the best weight loss pill

dr4t5y67yrhterLosing weight is not always as easy as it may sound and many people try everything possible to get rid of those excess fats. Most of them use a combination of workouts, weight loss diet and pills. Weight loss pills have become very common because of they are easy and have proven to be effective as long as the right pills are used. For you to get the real benefits of weight loss pills, you must choose the right pills – there are no chances of guessing here because the impacts of that are life-threating. The market has become saturated with different types of weight loss supplements, making it more difficult to make choice. However, you can still get the right weight loss pills if you follow an appropriate buying guide. Here you will learn essential tips you can use to choose the best weight loss pill for your specific weight loss needs.

Tips for choosing the best weight loss pill

Seek your physician’s advice

Your physician probably knows your particular weight loss needs and can help you choose the best weight loss pill. The good thing is that physicians know the weight loss pills that can work better for specific people depending on their weight loss needs. This helps in avoiding health complications and other side effects in the long run. Also, people react differently with weight loss pills thus it is important to be sure that your body’s reactions will not worsen the situation. Seeking your physician’s advice is also very important when you have any health condition, such as high blood pressure, cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc.

Read labels

It is very important to know the ingredients contained in weight loss pills you are buying. Some manufacturers nowadays provide false information about the ingredients contained in their weight loss pills. You should also do some research to find out if the products have been certified by relevant regulatory bodies. You can also ask your physician or pharmacist about the ingredients on the labels. All the ingredients must be clinically tested. Another importance of reading labels is to know the recommended dosage of the pills. Follow this the dosage and other instructions on the label to avoid complications.r4t56u7utjryht


Reading reviews can help you understand the effectiveness of weight loss pills based on the results that other users are getting. Besides effectiveness, you can also obtained information about safety of the pills by reading reviews. Buy pills that have good reviews in terms of effectiveness and safety.


Weight loss pills are available in a wide range of prices. Based on your budget, shop around to get pills at the most reasonable price.

What to look for when buying an anal bleaching cream

Anal bleaching cream has become a very important product for the ever increasing number of people who want to lighten their anus. Just like any other product, anal bleaching creams are made of different ingredients that influence various factors such as their effectiveness and cost. To get the best results, you must choose the best anal bleaching cream. Below are the essential factors that you must consider so as to buy the best anal bleaching cream

Factors to consider when buying an anal bleaching cream

  1. Ingredients

4te5yyugyftYou must check what the anal bleaching cream contains to ensure that the ingredients are effective and safe for anal bleaching. The most common and recommended products for anal bleaching are niacinamide and alpha arbutin (a-arbutin). These products, and several others, do not irritate the anal skin and are very effective in bleaching the skin. You should check whether the anal bleaching cream is made of natural or synthetic ingredients. There are also some ingredients that you should avoid such as glycolic acid, hydroquinone or acid-based creams. These creams usually irritate the skin thus causing more problems.

  1. Effectiveness

It is rather obvious that everyone wants to buy a product that will meet their specific needs. When buying an anal bleaching cream, you definitely want a product that will whiten your anus within the expected period. The cream should give you results within the shortest time or else your anal area will never get whitened. Some of the ways you can use to know the effectiveness of the cream is to check its active ingredients or contact past users for their opinions.

  1. Feedback

Skin is very delicate and you do not want to mess up with your anus and probably your intimate life. You can avoid this by reading reviews of different anal bleaching cream so as to find the satisfaction level of other users of the same product. Does the product have positive feedback or other users complaining about its ineffectiveness or side effects? Always buy an anal bleaching cream that has positive feedback as you are also likely to get the same positive results.e3rt546thrg

  1. Cost

Anal bleaching creams are also available in different price ranges. Before going to start shopping, have a budget limit and try to find a good cream within that limit. Compare prices from different manufacturers or stores and you will get a good anal bleaching cream at the best price. You can also avoid losses by buying from reputable companies with guarantees and return policies.